I am a Social Librarian

The Evolution of Work

Roles for the Librarian of the Future

Is Full Time Employee an Oxymoron?

Shift in Learning Research Environments

A Perspective on Time
"Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them. It's not our fault - the span of time in human history, and even more so in natural history, are so vast compared to the span of our life and recent history that it's almost impossible to get a handle on it."

Video Games in School

How Learners Read On Screen
Four Revealing Facts on How Learners Read On Screen [Infographic]
Reading is a huge part of a child’s development. In the early stages, it should be a shared experience between parent and child which can impact a love of books from an early stage. Reading skills are an essential part of building a strong imagination, love of story-telling and interest in learning. takes a look at some of the top ways to get your children into reading. 

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