Thursday, November 7, 2013

Caveat Lector – Let the Reader BEWARE!

Caveat Lector

Now here’s a really scary thought brought up by a blog post by Donald Clark (11-7-13): "When Big Data goes bad:6 epic fails". 

Clark notes that “Data, in the wrong hands, whether malicious, manipulative or naïve can be downright dangerous. Indeed, when big data goes bad it can be lethal. Unfortunately the learning game is no stranger to both the abuse of data.” 

He provides 6 examples and concludes with : “Big Data in the hands of little brains is downright dangerous.”

Clark’s blog post ties in with Topic 4:  Connecting Visual Literacy to Metaliteracy and reiterates my call for “due diligence” (10-18-13), based upon Catherine Lombardozzi’s “Perils of Popular Science” (10-17-13).

Question: Are you ever going to believe what you read again?

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