Monday, September 30, 2013

Tools for Learning [Thanks to Jane Hart's efforts]

Today, Jane Hart released her 7th annual Top 100 Tools for Learning (2013), the results of votes of over 500 learning professionals in workplace learning and education from 48 countries worldwide. 

[“A learning tool is a tool for your own personal learning or one that you use for teaching or training.” Hart’s definition of Learning Tools]

This overview can inform your own concept of tools you can utilize as part of your own metaliteracy quest.

I’d suggest you look at Hart’s analysis (a revealing look at major changes) as well as at her historical overview of Top 100 Tools 2007-2013 (an alphabetic list of all tools that have been on the list over its 7-year history).

Where do your current favorites show up on this list? 

Is it time you investigate (and, more importantly, start using) other tools?

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